Film and Television Scoring

Television Scoring

Jerry Grant brings a multi-faceted talent to the music scoring experience, blending his orchestral and rhythm-laced background to produce his unique individual style.

 The Secret World of Alex Mack – ‘Abduction’ – 0:40

The Secret World of Alex Mack – ‘Not Talking’ – 0:49

THE SECRET WORLD OF ALEX MACK – 65 episodes (Lynch Entertainment/RHI) Tom Lynch/Producer, Ken Lipman/Creator.
The adventures of a teenage girl growing up with a few superpower abilities for fun.

 World of Valor – ‘World of Valor Theme’ – 1:16

WORLD OF VALOR – 26 episodes (44 BLUE Productions, Discovery Channel) Rascha Dracovitch/Producer. Crack special forces units from around the world, focusing on their training and bravery.

 Quantum Leap – ‘Opening’ – 1:33

QUANTUM LEAP – Pilot and 17 episodes (Bellisauris Productions) Time travel with a lot of heart, starring Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell.

 Raw Toonage – ‘Raw Toonage Game Show’ – 1:46

RAW TOONAGE – multiples (partials) Disney.

 Documentary: Elite Choppers – ‘Cobra’ – 1:18

ELITE CHOPPERS – Discovery Channel documentary mini-series

Documentary: Elite Choppers – ‘Stalking Lioness’ – 1:18

A&E Biography

A&E BIOGRAPHY – documentaries (multiples)

A&E Ancient Mysteries

A&E ANCIENT MYSTERIES – documentaries (44 BLUE Productions)

A&E Investigative Report

A&E INVESTIGATIVE REPORT – documentary (Trophy Kill) (44 BLUE Productions)

Magnum P.I.

MAGNUM P.I. – 92 episodes (Bellisauris Productions) America’s favorite P.I. starring Tom Selleck.

A Team

A TEAM – 63 episodes (Stephen Cannell Productions) Fun with Mr. T and all the group in hair raising adventures starring George Peppard.

Hardcastle and McCormick

HARDCASTLE AND MCCORMICK – 33 episodes (Stephen Cannell Productions) Crime fighting with a judge and his free-spirited sidekick starring Brian Keith.


RIPTIDE – 37 episodes (Stephen Cannell Productions) Light hearted adventures and action with two surfer type buddies starring Joe Penny and Perry King.


HUNTER – 68 episodes (Stephen Cannell Productions) A tough cop with a lot of heart and a drop-dead gorgeous sidekick starring Fred Dryer.

Wise Guy

WISE GUY – 13 episodes. (Stephen Cannell Productions)

Greatest American Hero

GREATEST AMERICAN HERO – 44 episodes. Comedy/drama about an FBI gumshoe teamed up with a teacher wearing an alien bodysuit conferring special powers.

Dark Wing Duck

DARK WING DUCK – multiples (partials) Disney

Duck Tales

DUCK TALES – multiples (partials) Disney

The Adventures of Captain Planet

THE ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN PLANET – multiples (partials) Disney

15th Annual CableAce Awards

15th ANNUAL CABLEACE AWARDS – Awards composed and produced (Tall Pony Productions)

16th Annual CableAce Awards

16th ANNUAL CABLEACE AWARDS – Awards composed and produced (Tall Pony Productions)

Sense Communications


Film Scoring

 Sanctuary – a Picture Journey of Bird Migration – 1:52

Photography by Barbara Michelman

 Popoki – the cat hosts crayon drawings of The Color of Peace – 1:08

Hired to Kill – ‘Hired to Kill’- 3:43

HIRED TO KILL – (action adventure) Omega Entertainment. A big orchestra rescue adventure with plenty of explosive action using drop dead gorgeous women models as the cover for infiltration.

In the Cold of the Night – ‘She’s Gone’ – 1:16

IN THE COLD OF THE NIGHT -(suspense-thriller) Inhause Pictures. A mind bending futuristic thriller with mind altering visuals and sound design score to match.

Ninja Academy – ‘Title Track’ – 1:43

NINJA ACADEMY – (comedy) Omega Entertainment. A comedy with a twist of adventure using a musical potpourri including martial arts percussive fight scoring to high western adventure music for the Academy competition to romance to funky/funky.

Bloodstone – ‘Title Track’ – 1:32

BLOODSTONE – (action adventure) Inhause Pictures. High adventure in India searching for the missing Bloodstone using Indian raga blended with full orchestra.

Naked Truth

NAKED TRUTH – comedy feature – a spoof on the “Some Like It Hot” genre with a variety of musical styles from 40’s P.I to contemporary pop to a “Casablanca” goodbye.


DARKROOM – (horror) (Omega Entertainment) Scare the pants off you surprises using a synth pallet with an orchestral fabric.

Orchestral Scoring Samples

 Classical Dramedy – 1:33

Hocus Pocus – 1:32

Processional Triumph – 1:31

Records – Arrangements and Programming

 John Gruhler – ‘Stay In Touch’ – 1:46

John Gruhler – ‘Moments From My Past’ – 2:10

Words and music by Jerry Grant and John Gruhler; guitar solo – Grant Geissman

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Rik Augustin~ For the First Time – ‘Wild Is The Wind’ – 0:45

Rik Augustin~ For the First Time – ‘Take Me As I Am’ – 1:06

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