Two pieces for Orchestra

1. Variations for a Sound Bite Society
2. The Road Less Traveled
Variations reflects the short sound and news bites that are a large part of the contemporary world in which we live. The theme is 4 notes long to reflect our hectic life style. The Road Less Traveled is the opposite message and reminds us that relationships in friends and love are the value of life but we need to take the time to pursue this contentment.
Premiered June, 2013 at the Music in the Mountains Summer Festival with Gregory Vaija conducting.


PlusTwo for Bb Saxophone & Piano CSUS FENAM 2013

Plus Two is a jazz infused perpetual motion concert work of Jerry Grant performed by:
Mike McMullen -Tenor Saxophone
Joe Gilman- Piano
composed to have an improvisational jazz sound. The meter is 3+3+2 in the theme, hence the title.


Island In Space

Island In Space, a work for choir & Electronics, speaks of our place in the universe and the need to care for our world since it is the only home we have. Text is by Jerry Grant , T.S. Elliot, John Zimmerman and astronaut quotes.
Premiere performance: April 10, 2013 by Wayne State University concert choir with Norah Duncan IV, conducting.



Highlights the wonder and beauty of birds and fowl in their environment with music scored by Jerry Grant and uses bird sounds within and part of the score. Still photography is by Barbara Michelman.